Bought BUSD need to transfer to BNB not enough funds

I bought some binance USD instead of BNB by mistake and when trying to swap it says I do not have enough BNB. Tried buying BNB through simplex they have taken my money but not given me any BNB!! Also with moonpay the BNB option is greyed out so can’t use them. Can anyone help? It’s pennies they are asking for so annoying. My BNB address is bnb1pn8ze3q7nk7we522natczdegpfnjj6vz3zw4d6

Same problem but always easy to make the user paid than found an alternative

Waaaahh same problem… :expressionless: i just need .005bnb to make the swap or transfer

i have the same issue says i don’t have enough bnb to cover network fees