Bought Coin on then swapped to my Trust wallet

I had bought BTC, ETH, SOL, Matic, XRP, QNT, around March 4th. all total was about $18k. I swapped to Wallet 2 March4th then back to wallet 1 same day about 8 hrs later. March 8th all of it transferred out. Then XRP returned. BTC had a tx at the end of the hash. So a crypto friend said I need to do a trigger pull. So about March 15th I bought $1500 USDT and $5700 BTC at and transferred it for the trigger pull on the advice of a friend. That transferred out like 3 days later… Only think left is XRP that transferred back in on its own like a month ago. The “expert” said we had the setting wrong in uniswap. Here is there new options that they want me to do as now the settings are set:
Yeah I bought 1500usdt and 6000 for the first trigger pull after you moved from wallet two to wall one to avoid crypto crawlers

In the first case, what happened was that you had quant left, because the blockchain is a highly sensitive network, the way you moved your wallet crypto, it must have sensed and activated auto theft that was why you couldn’t move all and quant was left and moved in to the virtual space, so you had to move back but because it was after like 3hrs, that you moved back ,
The system was still security mode so all the crypto you moved back to wallet one was moved into the virtual space
And we had to do the first trigger pull and after the uniswap settings
What disrupted the settings was the bnb transfer and if you could remember it took hours before you go it on your trust wallet, we should have enabled the bnb network out self before receiving any bnb in to the wallet, which I find out later , and the bnb coin could not stay on the blockchain network it has to disrupt the settings and get to your wallet, and this activate the anti-theft also , and it was moved to the virtual space and that was what happened
For this trigger pull:
We have put all settings in place and also set a slippage rate and time frame
This will allow your coins to be triggered back and also you can receive any crypto we just have to the enable the network 60m before the time , and we will do that when you purchase the bnb, usdt purchase 1st and then eth 2nd. (sorry that this is so long)
Anyone have any comments or advice they can lend me it would be appreciated. Here are some screen shots.

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@TDINS That’s a total scam, sorry but your wallet was compromised already and they just keep sending out new tokens you send to the wallet.

Oh my. Can you tell me about the new tokens you speak of? I appreciate your insight.

I take it you have never heard of a trigger pull? seemed odd to me too.

@TDINS There’s nothing like a trigger pull, if tokens are sent out of your wallet without your authorization, of course your wallet has been compromised and tokens most likely gone forever.
Next thing to do is create a new wallet and stop using the compromised one, also educate yourself better on how to not fall for these scam tactics.

Thank you for the reply. What is really at the core is the first transfer out. Thats probably when it was hacked. thanks

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