Bought NEAR BEP2 and transferred, but I can't find it

I buy NEAR digital currency with txid:
I had mistake to choose NEAR COIN
I should choose NERA BEP2
Please change NEAR COIN to NERAR BEP2

There is nothing in my trust wallet
My Address in NERA BEP2 trust wallet:

Hi @Navaz,

Your mainnet/native NEAR were sent to 4c97e9595d4b337614142ebc8f24606a337949d6f6652ccda419280df00d4b0d.
Tx link:

Trust Wallet cannot simply change it to NEAR BEP2 as they are not controlling that wallet. You need to have the recovery phrase or private key of that wallet so you can send it back to Binance then withdraw it to your preferred version which is a BEP2.