Bought off Wirex and moved to trust wallet, but their was delay on Wirex side which took 13days before

Hi Trust wallet,

Please this should be fare easy resolve I hope, I have provided the Txn and details from the ETH I bought off Wirex and moved to trust wallet, but their was delay on Wirex side which took 13days before it was finally released as success to go to my ETH address below.

Please kindly release my txn on our end to credit my ETH wallet address:

  1. Trust Wallet app version - 5.13 (5135)

  2. Crypto address - 0x90549618481ff88D18Fda69237483B933E539f37

  3. Transaction ID (if you have any) : tx/0x05834b1a1b166381b454052a3b65bf05373683cf8904b550faf0f77adf61e4b9

Ade O.

Hi @Drbelv,

You were able to successfully receive 0.474391 ETH in your wallet. However, it is an internal transaction. That’s why it won’t appear in the transaction history of the Trust Wallet app.

Hi Iamdeadlyz,

Thanks for the response,

Don’t think that’s true, because my ETH didn’t go up and internal or no internal can you tell me what time it came in internal,because Wirex Admin said they only released it on Saturday 13th 2021,

Also don’t mixup as I bought about same amount off another platform on that day after it stucked on wire , so it never went through on the 13th first time I bought.

Please do due deligence and check/confirm when the internal txn came in because this resolve from Wirex only happened from last Friday to Saturday.

Please let me know as I have been loosing loads of money.

  1. Tell when when it came in
  2. What amount in ETH and Pounds
  3. Also what transaction happened in my ETH after it came in please

Please find attached correspondence with Wirex.


Ade O.

Also the header explains why you didn’t understand, bought off Wirex to move to trust wallet but got stuck on Wirex for more than 13days and they only confirmed it to be released after they resolve their ETH bug.

But as I was desperate in the day it got stuck I bought same ETH amount off another platform and that came in.

So the txn you were referring to didn’t come in 13days ago as there was still issue in Wirex side hope you understand.

It won’t allow me attach screenshot to this message would have shown you Wirex chat.

WIREX CHAT below: All on Feb 13th 2021 5am .

“ Adejuwon We have informed you in the app that there is an ongoing issue with the ETH address activation and ETH transfers.

“ Adejuwon, we have resolved the issue you had with the pending transfer. It was sent to the address you sent it to yourself.

“ And contact the receiving platform. We have fixed the issue with your transfer and it went through.

“ However, your transfer was processed and went through. I am talking about 0.474391 ETH transfer that you sent on 01/30/2021. You should contact the receiving platform and check with them where your funds are, because as per the link I sent they are on the platform you sent them to.

“ The blockchain link is the evidence that the funds are at the wallet you sent them to. If the funds are not with Trust wallet. But if it’s Trust wallet it’s with them and they should release it

“ Then contact Trust Wallet support team, provide them with the blockchain link://

Please try to attach screenshots again.

Hi iamdeadlyz,

The transaction was only confirmed to be released last Saturday by Wirex which wasn’t 13 days ago as they clearly had issues.

Please find attached.

I can’t understand how you saying it came in 13days ago and Wirex said they only released it last Saturday after chasing them to resolve for 2 weeks.

This is the issue with this txn, it records 13 days ago even when it failed at first. As seen in the screenshot till Wirex sorted their issue and released it.

Please ignore the Coinbase comments as my wallet is trust wallet for my ECRtoken.


Thank you for providing screenshots.

This is the tx that you were referring to that had a problem:


Now, that transaction is dropped and replaced by this tx:

Which means that you successfully received the ETH that you have withdrawn from Wirex. They were able to re-send and fix the stuck tx on Feb-01-2021 05:43:22 PM +UTC.

Hi iamdeadlyz,

Thanks and would it be that it came in with a 0 value? Hence why I didn’t see it?

The Txn on the screen shot don’t lie, how can I pay for. a £507 ETH and txn stuck and when released its 0 value, charged $32 and gas fee. :man_shrugging:t5::man_facepalming:t5:.

That surely isn’t possible. Please find attached and check carefully again.

If you can’t explain why I got 0 ETH value, direct me to where I can get answers please.

Check the “TRANSFER” part.

Once again, you already received the ETH. It’s just that you cannot see it on the transaction history of the app as a “received” one since it is an internal transaction (you can use instead).

The internal transfer bit is all too confusing for an average joe, Hope this is a lesson for me to use only trusted platforms to buy coins, Wirex sucks (excuse my French) at it.

I leave it all to a lose as I can tract the internal txn logs in detail ( a flaw on etherscan I presume).

Thanks for your help.

Ade O.

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No worries. It is indeed confusing at first. Though, rest assured, you got the ETH already. You can always double-check using Etherscan. Cheers!