Bought Shiba inu from pancakeswap but it wasn't delivered to me

Please I need help, I bought Shiba inu from pancakeswap, the transaction says completed successfuly but the coin wasn’t delivered to my trust wallet.

The transaction hash is: 0x45c86a3274dc16004035425522d3e45eb68f0411264a991381ae516b57a5d5a4




767 days 3 hrs ago (Dec-24-2021 02:10:10 PM +UTC)

Transaction Action: Approved

My Shiba Inu BSC receive address: 0xDe58f2A36e37709C43CE98B94f35E6bF54ba8D80


@Meritexinvestment This transaction happened over 2 years ago.
You have transacted quite a number of times since then, why are you just bringing this up now?

Was this your reason of messaging my inbox asking for my 12 phrase, you scammers always disgracing yourselves everytime. here is your email that you wrote me with [email protected]

Claiming to be trust wallet support team

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@Meritexinvestment That’s not my email, have you heard about impersonators? You should be careful of how you generalize.

Am bringing it up now because I have been struggling with it all these years and I was a crypto novice then and I never knew there was place in trust wallet community I could complain. Is there any way you could help me out? I will gladly appreciate it it. Tell me what I need to provide so you could trace why my purchased Shiba inu from pancakeswap wasn’t delivered to me.

Transaction hash: 0x45c86a3274dc16004035425522d3e45eb68f0411264a991381ae516b57a5d5a4

BSC Shiba inu wallet: 0xDe58f2A36e37709C43CE98B94f35E6bF54ba8D80

Am sorry for accusing you wrongly, I just checked and it wasn’t your email but someone impersonating you.

@Meritexinvestment You swapped for BNB already