Bought squid game tokens

Thank you for your response.
Here are all the required information.

  1. Trust Wallet app version-

  2. Crypto Wallet address is not showing.

  3. Transaction hash or Link- 0xd45f98986a52c0fcb19c7227af70bcfc0b48c30a342b988dc7ba16d7526d490d

  4. Details- I bought SQUID GAME tokens on 27th October, from Trust wallet using Pancakeswap of around 0.04 BNB (18$). The quantity of tokens was around 38k. The tokens are not showing in my wallet.

  5. Screenshot of wallet-

Some more screenshots:-

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Please try to add it as custom token. Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the token: How to Add a Custom Token

Token details:-
Network: Smart Chain
Contract: 0x7c4f83697da7341e2e6766fede02f3b685343551
Decimals: 9

Hi Alan
Any help for me

I bought squid game token today and it shows 0 balance

Transaction hash

Versio 6.8 (681)

Wallet address

I am not able to attach the screenshot


Hi @Alan47
I got a same issue.
I bought baby squid game token today on poocoin.
I did not receive my coins. Below is the information have been required by you for the same issues;

Receive address for the custom made token:


Transaction Hash:



34 mins ago (Oct-29-2021 05:31:22 PM +UTC)

I appreciate your help and support.


@Afshin85 Please try to add it as custom token. Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the token: How to Add a Custom Token

Token details:-
Network: Smart Chain
Contract: 0xd227da998084bdeee6a0e219b1299456ee004b51
Decimals: 9

Hi @Alan47

Much appreciated.
It has been added as a coin and I can see how much I have, but my wallet balance still is missing thiskoney. I mean that the tolen is not included in my balance.
Can you advise me please?


I have same issue bought SQUID GANE TOKEN with bnb on pancake. Not showing up on wallet.
Here is the hash transaction

As well a screenshot of the SQUID sitting in pancake swap
I already added the SQUID with decimal 18 onto trust still to no avail please advise.
Here is where it supposedly sent it. I see there are several kinds of SQUIDGAME TOKENS . In cluded below is the binance transaction.
This forum said I cant include links , so just add the front url if you want

Please add the SQUID token as a custom token using these details
Network: Smartchain
Contract: 0x5d442fe7bcc24f9a68c3e79af047f82b3c4c36dd
Decimals: 18

Hello, as I posted in my original post I already added it to the TRUST wallet, it simply is not showing my tokens. Did you see the screenshot I attached?

Is this your receiving address Address 0x81584b7288d5e772bb494ede41061c4902a2c6ff | BscScan
If so, then your tokens are in your wallet, add it as a custom token
Ensure you use the correct network and contract address as above when adding it.

I’ve done that several times in fact.
I added the SQUID addy from the transaction contract.
I USED decimal 18.
Did it on the Smart net. Ect.
STILL NOTHING. :frowning:

When I added the contract SQUID address, the decimal
“18” actually popped in on its own, however still no tokens.

Jenny I tried several times to add a screenshot but it will not let me is there an address I can send screenshots to thank you ahead of time.

I am having this same identical problem.

transaction shown here /tx/0xf083c70be9ac58c5107d72911c5052ff93f573eede942aef047f3884a181366d

Donald , delete all SQUID TOKEN wallets in your TRUST wallet, then re-add this one. If your dealing with SQUID. Change ETHEREUM exchange to SmartChain then add

The decimal should automatically pop in at “18”
I had to also add it in pancakecake swap as well

I hope this helps , please update us with a reply either way if it works or does not work.

Hi @Alan47
I have sold my Squids but nothing received.
Could you please advise me on the below information

Transaction Hash:

Vishalpall I am having this same issue /tx/0xf083c70be9ac58c5107d72911c5052ff93f573eede942aef047f3884a181366d

was purchased and sent to correct address, squid setup in my trust wallet as custom token but have not received the balance in my wallet

I fixed it, I had to remove all other SQUID TOKENS on the TRUST WALLET. Then re add the SQUID TOKEN.
Doing this fixed my issue with tokens not showing g up in my wallet. I was getting a little nervous there thank you for your prompt replies.