BSC token ideas

I have some BSC tokens in my Trust Wallet what can I do with them, can they be exchanged or sold?


@Sheripie77 yes it can be exchanged using to another token but if you are looking for Fiat money you need to either sell to someone you know who in return give you cash OR you send it to Binance or other exchanges to sell for Fiat.


I did not see BSC listed at Pancake Swap Finance

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You can use PancakeSwap or
For selling them

What tokens do you have - Is it BNB?

BSC is Binance. So look for BNB, you’ll see it in

No, the tokens are BSC

You cn share d image for easy recognition

BSC is Binance Smart Chain.

BNB is the coin or there are other BEP20 BSC tokens. All tokens which have liquidity can be exchanged using Swap in Trust wallet or using binance Dex or Pancakeswap

This is how it is done in Swap option in TrustWallet

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Yes u are right but not all of them can be exchange or better still listed example are king and free coin bsc and so on.

Stake them in the farms in pancake swap
USE THE BROWSER IN TRUST WALLET - make sure the browser is set to bsc (it is usually set to ETH)

Free will be the first fully cross chain token, available on ETH, TRX & BSC NETWORKS

If the address is 0x then you are on the right BSC address but go to add asset and search, you will find bnb on the native Binance chain and bnb on Binance smart chain