BTC & ETH unusable on TrustWallet?

I used Uphold to purchase about $100 each of BTC and ETH with my debit card. My thinking was that I would use the BTC to trade for some altcoins such as $DOBO $LACE or $Loopring. And use some of the ETH for the same purpose and keep about half of it for “gas fees” because I heard you needed to have some ETH to cover gas fees for certain transactions.

I realized later that what I probably should’ve done was just used Trust to buy BNB directly. But now its too late and I lost a good amount on transaction fees sending it from Uphold to Trust.

What I did was send the ETH and BTC to my Trust wallet. And now that I have, I can’t use it on the DEX, neither coin comes up as an option to trade. Theres like at least 5 different versions of BTC but no BTC. And for ETH, I saw something called Ethereum Token but no Ethereum.

I went to DAPPS and tried Pancake Swap and it was basically the same. No ETH, no BTC. Im just stuck with over $170 in ETH and BTC. I’m thinking about just sending the BTC back to Uphold so I can withdraw it back to my bank account unless one of you can show me how to use Trust to swap BTC and ETH. I thought about adding them manually to Pancake Swap like I had to do with Empire Token but I am such a noob I couldn’t even find out how to locate the contract address for BTC. Its not showing up on CoinMarketCap where contract addresses are normally found…

Also am I correct to have ETH in my wallet to be used for gas fees? Is that a thing? I’ve never had it before and I’ve made like at least a dozen trades. I just got it as a just in case kinda thing now that I’ve been doing this for over a month now so I’m trying to advance myself but without really fully understanding what I’m doing.

I am gonna put more time into learning the basics but I’d really appreciate if someone could explain this to me. In the future I’ll just buy BNB directly like I did to get Empire and MicroPets. But I feel like its important to understand why my BTC and ETH are essentially unusable on Trust DEX and Pancake Swap… thank you in advance.

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Did you ever get an answer? I’ve got the same thing and no
Help from Trust