BTC missing from wallet and NO help from Support


The app has been re-install on current device and fresh device screen shots attached the missing BTC is from the Sep 18, 2021, 5:07 pm a subsequent transfer went through.

Apple IOS 14.7.1 and trust-wallet version 6.6 wallet address below


Tx-hash (missing transaction)


Hello @cryptotrading nothing is missing, that’s you actual balance on explorer, you can check here: Bitcoin / Address / bc1qtes44v6w2qsa5tsfz5a8z3ln90h2s00gjnz0pt — Blockchair

Only transaction history is missing but balance is accurate. Wallet doesn’t show transaction history which came from multiple transaction (sender sent transaction to multiple recipients including you).

Yes but it is not showing up in the wallet look at the screenshot of the wallet?

I sent this transaction after to test with 2x Recipients and it displays.


The wallet balance is showing £10686.65 = $14562.48 the blockchain balance is 16,168.85USD

Balance on explorer is 0.30002323BTC same as balance displaying on screenshot above. There’s nothing wrong.

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