BTC transaction confirmed but the amount havent changed

I have sent BTC to trust wallet with
TxID : 6bc18ce24533e3743549fca2dc950ca0e6ed8adb8b8b0139a2483dfd2888654f
To Address: bc1qfg3npe9l5286n6gvg2s99vuchjhlj5y8n0j2sz
App Version : iOS5.21

The transaction was confirmed but the amount haven’t changed


I’m having the same issue. I transferred this morning. I have tried everything I can think off and sill nothing. When will this be fixed?

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Same issue here. It says confirmed but nothing shows up on my btc wallet. :confounded:

Same mine says I sent 31 btc when I only even had 0.004 so it took 0.007 as fees, what can i do?

Same happened me earlier trying to swap safemooon back to BnB the transaction went through I got receipt, but nothing showed up in BnB account and safemoon is empty?? Any help please

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Same. It says on my transaction that I sent 0.004 BTC (which I did), but it also says the Network fee was 0.007 BTC (???) and my balance remains at 0.