BTC transaction fee too high

Hi Guys,

I wanted to withdraw my btc from trust wallet to other wallets however I noticed it has too high of transaction fee like 0.001 btc unlike other wallets like coinbase wallet which has 0.0009 btc only. Are there other solutions to this? like maybe converting btc to other coin then withdraw it? it is just too much to have this transaction fee.


@gbcc0401 Did you also notice the difference is 0.0001 btc ? But you should also take note that the Trust app does not charge a fee but there is a network fee that will be paid to the miners.
Once you try and send an amount, it automatically calculates the fees.

Learn more here:


@Tobi sorry about that it is actually 0.00009 unlike the 0.001 transaction fee of trust wallet. But, I think i figure out how. I think I should swap the btc to bnb and send it to another exchange.


Hello, please I have an issue, I $44 btc in my trust wallet and I can’t send $40 out of it, all I see is unknown error occurred, please how can I fix this issue

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@Khm781227 You could try sending out a lesser amount.

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Hello please help me out i can’t $600 worth of btc in my wallet and I can’t send any amount out to exchange,still can’t swap to other coin it keeps showing error message

@Lunga please send the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (open the app, go to the settings of the app and press “About”, then attach it here)

  2. Crypto wallet address (press the receive icon near the send button, copy and paste it here in plain text)

  3. Transaction hash or link (if you have any, please copy and paste)

My trust wallet version is 8.4

My wallet address is

I have like 3 unconfirmed transaction but can’t find it just now
Have they cancelled it ?
If there’s anyway you can help me I will be glad cos I needed money for my son hospital bills

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@Lunga The transactions are still pending, you can always confirm on the blockchain explorer

Thanks but please could those pending transaction be stopping me from doing another transaction cos it’s just giving me some error message when sending

@Lunga Yes they can so it’s best to wait till the pending transaction is confirmed or cancelled back to your wallet.
Also there’s no ETA for that as it all depends on the blockchain.

Pls help. I tried to swap my BNB to IRON BSC. I noticed that like half of the value was received. I later saw that like half of the fund is in a smart contract call. Pls how do I recover the fund from smart contract call

I was trying to send some BTC from Binance to Trust wallet - I pasted the BTC wallet address given by my TW app after I clicked on Receive. Then I pasted this address into my Binance after clicking on Withdraw. It gave me various network options with different fees to be paid, some were very low. But I am not sure which network to select. I spoke to Support at Binance and they said we have to check with TW support as to which network they are using for BTC. Would anyone know about this? Shall I select the network with the lowest fee and then inititiate the transfer? Would appreciate a reply

@Seatony Please contact that tokens support team, it’s not really a Trust wallet issue.

@ashokvas Hello, you can receive your BTC on different networks on the Trust app, just ensure you copy the correct address on the correct network.
It’s important to note also, any other network than the native BTC network would require a gas fee once on your Trust app for transactions.

@Tobi Thanks for the prompt reply.
You wrote
“just ensure you copy the correct address on the correct network.”
I find that when I click on the Receive Tab on BTC, I get a wallet address, but there is no option to select the network on which I want to receive the BTC. So how do I choose the “correct address on the correct network”?

Further since there are so many network options available for transfering BTC, I dont understand why people would use the networks where the fees are high - one could use a network with the lowest fee. Is there any advantage to use networks with higher fees?

I am a newbie and just started to dabble and learn in crypto so I have a lot to learn.
Hope you will overlook this and give me a detailed reply.
I have been transferring BTC from binance to TW and spent a lot of fees ( upto $26 fee per transaction of $50 on the Bitcoin network ).
I am planning to keep on buying BTC and storing it on TW for the long term and these fees are very high . Is there a cheaper way to do this?
I am also buying very small quantities of altcoins on a speculative base and want to store them in TW , but I am unable to transfer them as the amount that I hold is less than the min amounts needed to transfer them.

@ashokvas The network you choose to send on is majorly your preference or depends on what you intend to use the token for.
Also you can check other networks BTC is available on by tapping the top right corner in your wallet main page.

When I click on top right of my main wallet page , I reach the Manage crypto screen
It shows
“All Networks” and then a list of coins with a toggle switch on the right

When I click on the Network drop down, I can see the Bitcoin network only

How do I see the other networks that BTC is available?

@ashokvas You can search BTC and you’d see a list with their respective networks in front of them also.

When i try get bigger amount transferred to my Trust wallet as usdt the answer which i get to My email IS that My limit is too low.

Is it better to Ask For The transfer in some other coins?

Advice is needed.