Btc transaction on pendingg

Hey guys, I’ve made a BTC transaction from my trust wallet to another wallet, and put network fee 5 satoshi by mistake instead of 50! So my transaction is on pending for 2 days now

What can I do?

Here is my txid:


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Hi there! Please be informed that you cannot cancel nor speed up the transaction using the app. You have to wait for the Bitcoin miners to confirm your transaction. It may take a lot of time if your network fee is low. If it is still pending for a long time, the network will automatically drop and cancel your tx.

Cancel means I lose my funds? Or I can transfer again? And how long does it take?

No this means your btc will be sent back to your wallet. And yes you’ll be able to transfer again.
Also we have no way to determine how long this takes.

I have the same thing going on. Same sat/B-rate at about 2.5.

Only thing is my transaction is from 2021-02-25, so already pending 5 weeks…

Shiit thats tooo much, how much is the total amount of your transaction? :flushed::sob:

0.005 btc


Hehe, I see that both our transactions went through a few houres ago… :grinning:

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Yess finally, im glad to hear it, thanks for the notice