BTC transaction pending for 6 days

I have BTC transaction pending for 6 days .since 29 November 2023. I need help with that either to be confirmed or canceled.
Transaction hash


Sender : bc1q0trke8xyt8nq5ud42wvyhlz7k46cu62kv3c5k6


@Chinasud There’s nothing we can do regarding the pending transaction, you have to wait till it’s confirmed or cancelled automatically.

Any frame time for that transaction. Its 6 days now so i need to know what is maximum time can take to confirmed. I am done with trust wallet No more . Too many people are complaining about Trust wallet. No control over thier services.

@Chinasud Trust wallet isn’t the blockchain and isn’t responsible for your pending transactions.
Do your research on how the blockchain works generally and what causes long pending transactions.

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