BTT TRC10(Trust wallet) to BTT TRC 20(Binance)

I am trying to with my BTT from trust wallet into binance i want to know
is it possible to transfer BTT from TRC10 newrok of trust wallet to TRC20 network address ?


Yes, Iā€™m interested in figuring this out as well.

Does anyone know how to convert BTT TRC10 into BTT TRC20?

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Please am new in this business,I need a mentor to be putting me through.thank you

Hello @bryceyeg @Unique121 you have to contact BTT team for support on how t convert BTT TRC10 to TRC20.

Or contact Binance, ask them if they support TRC10 deposits for BTT.

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@alihtm TRC10 and TRC20 addresses are identical. Your deposit should be reflected.

Send your wallet address and transaction hash in plain text (copy and paste here).