Bug with staking: TRX & ATOM v1.12.4

Hi, for everyone.
I’ve got a couple of problems with stakin of TRX and ATOM. Version of TRUST Wallet is 1.12.4

  1. I’ve sent TRX for staking, but there is no rewards of TRX from 28.07.2020
  2. When I try to view details of staked or unstaked transaction of ATOM wallet… the application is closing due to error

In 1.12.3 version there were no problems


Hi. Please provide your phone model and android version please. Can you see any updates at playstore? Maybe, if you join beta for version 1.12.5 it will help?

Do you see any rewards at trx/cos blockchains explorer on your wallet address?

Если что, в телеграмме есть русская группа траста, заглядывай с подробностями, если не поможет бета и реимпорт кошелька.

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I staked TRX n it’s still frozen. 2 months already.

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Thanks a lot for answers.
Phone model is Samsung Galaxy S9 SM-G960F
I see just 1.12.4 is the last update in playstore.
I’ll try to find 1.12.5 beta

За подсказку по русской группе спасибо вдвойне :slight_smile:

trx rewards can only be viewed after the 3 day deadline which is the currency lockout time and your app may be out of date as well

Hmmmm…It’s strange. In oldest versions it came at the next day … maybe it’s new logic in new version of app. We would see after the next 2 days

I’ve checked.
Really. Everything is OK with TRX rewards.
It’s just new functionality

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glad its ok, so you just claim thru manual now, after update this sub menu, instead of auto claim that was before?

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