BUSD stuck on Trust Wallet due to BNB fees


Unfortunately I’m rather new to crypto and was looking to do some swapping. I didn’t know about the BNB requirement for any transaction on Bep2 BUSD and I have about $40 stuck in my trust wallet now. I can’t figure out a way to get it out without having to buy 0.1 BNB or $50.00 minimum through Trust Wallet. Can anybody help? I only need .00001 BNB to swap which is all the more frustrating. I’d be happy to repay when I get it fixed too. Or if there are any suggestions that would be much appreciated.

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I have the same Problem how can I solve this? :frowning:
I only need like 0.50 cents

This is my bnb adress of someone can help me i can give it back in busd :slight_smile:


Same problem, anyone here who can help me please…

This is my BNB smartchain address:


Thank you in advance