Buy twt on trust wallet

Hi. I was trying to use swap option and buy twt on the trust wallet. But we can’t do it currently. It will be sweet if we can purchases twt through the wallet app.


That would be an amazing feature. Surely we will see that

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Soon for sure cause its thier own native token

Maybe they would include the feature when they list the twt token

Can I buy ethereum from trust wallet. Also how can I transfer my Bitcoin in Luno account to Trust wallet to buy ethereum and other coins and token

I want to store cryptos in trust wallet

That will be great! Trust Wallet is a multi cryptocurrency wallet. It’s unique and supports most cryptocurrencies.

It also performs updates regularly inorder to add new crpto tokens and features. This makes it easier to manage ones crypto portfolio.

The security features of Trust Wallet is of very high standard. You have complete control to send, receive, and store different digital assets.

Trusty member, do you know that in Trust Wallet, you have full control of your private keys which is stored on your device.

Feel free and start storing your cryptos!


I would love that features,easy to buy the token in one place. :heart:


Not yet released, since token still experimental none updates were released. The good point is binance airdropping twt for their anniversary. And now twt was listed in coinmarketcap


Thanks for the information! Using swap option to buy TWT is a very important feature.

Definitely, I believe it will soon be added in one of their updates.

It’s an awesome feature… They might add this feature in future or soon… Let’s see…

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