Can a scammer get access to my wallet without a seed?

There is no way that a scammer would gain access to my wallet just by knowing the ETH address correct?

I have tried many times to reach out to the telegram group.
Not only did I not get any help this is my second time I have been restricted to ask for help.
I am a TWT holder I am using TW iOS app to store crypto.
I’m so curious to know who’s in charge of that group and why am I being shut up :shushing_face:?
Anyhow I will ask here for help.


Hello @SeanSean They can’t , can you please state your problem exactly , what’s wrong with your APP ?


I had my wallet compromised a month ago.
I didn’t destroy that wallet yet because of the RENQ presale that I’ve invested in.
The Renq admin made it clear that I will only be able to claim my tokens with the wallet that was used when purchasing the tokens.

Today is the Claim day for the Renq presale.

Here’s what happened today.
I noticed that there was a deposit of ETH in my compromised wallet and within few minutes it was withdrawn.

What I think is that the scammer was checking if I claimed my RENQ tokens yet and deposited ETH to assure gas.
A few minutes later there was another ETH deposit and this time I was able to withdraw them to my other wallet. (I almost got back all the ETH that was stolen from me)
And now the scammer can see on the block explorer my address where I transferred the funds.
And that’s what I was asking about.

Here’s are the transactions TXN Hash that was made by the scammer.

The following TXN Hash is me withdrawing to my TW safe wallet address which is the core topic of this ticket:

And as I am responding to you right now!
Another transaction happened in my compromised wallet (right now this very moment) and no gas was charged and the scammer withdrew a small amount of polygon Matic.

Here’s the polygon TXN Hash.
(I almost feel sad for the scammer seeing how desperate. such small amount)
My compromised wallet address is:

Thank you for your support.
If somehow there is any advice for me how I can assure a safe transfer of my RENQ claim without jeopardizing my funds I would so appreciate that.
Thanks again.

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Sorry but we can’t do nothing about it . your wallet is compromised .