Can anyone help me about Wrong Address

I know i’m stupid but can anyone show me how to recover my coin please!
I sent some Flamingo Coin from Binance to Trust Wallet, but i did send it to the ONT Address
Can anyone show me how to recover my Flamingo Coin? Trust Wallet does not support the Flamingo Crypto

you can use your recovery keys to import your trust wallet in another wallet that support ont tokens after that find your token and send it to another adress

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Here is a tricky thing!
I sent FLM to ONT address in Trust Wallet

But Trust Wallet doesn’t support FLM, i dont know what to do to recover my FLM

Hi @Daniel1709,

Please try to follow this guide: Sent ONT (NEP5) to ONT - #7 by iamdeadlyz

To be honest, it’s not helping at all. Thanks for your help btw, i figured it out myself
Have a nice day my man!

Gotcha. Care to share the steps that you have done? For documentation purposes.

Okay, so basically i sent FLM (Unsupported in Trustwallet) from Binance to ONT TrustWallet address (i didnt know why i did this lol)
If anyone has the same trouble with 2 cryptos like this, let’s find a wallet that supports both of them and import your TrustWallet to that Wallet.
Specifically in my case, i used ONTO Wallet because it supports FLM and ONT then i imported my TrustWallet to it then the FLM automatically showed up.