Can I import my particular wallet address?

Hello people of Trust Wallet community! I just wanted to ask if it is possible to import my particular coin wallet address from my other trust wallet and import it to my preferred trust wallet address? For example I want to import my TWT address from other Trust Wallet and import it to my other Trust Wallet? Thanks!


Bro I don’t know but you can contact with support.


You can but those coins which are supported by trust wallet


How to do that mate?


I think that you can export specific private key to specific wallets. For example, Tron private key for tron wallet. For multi wallet, I think you can export only all private keys together by recovery phrase


You mean you have two apps separately installed and you want to have both accounts logged into one trust wallet app? Its possible. Just copy the seedphrase/private key and add a new multi-coin wallet.

However, if you mean you want to merge two separate addresses into one address, say, you want to have one bnb address, then it’s not possible. Someone on stackexchange says you can concatenate the two addresses and hash it, however you wont be able to withdraw funds from the address because it wont communicate with any contract. I stand corrected though.


You can do it, the condition is that you have a phrase key. Then you can see the private key that can be imported according to the token. To find out how, you can send a new ticket to the trust wallet team. This also applies if you send the token to the wrong address.

But actually you just need to import the phrase key to the cellphone that you mean. In the Trust Wallet application you can store more than one wallet.

If you want the token to be stored in the same address, one way is, send the token to the desired address


Can I ask you something…

I answered in this post and pasted my wallet…is that correct … thaks.


I answered in this post and pasted my wallet…is that correct …

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You should reply with your TWT BNB address in the message that was ent to you by Trust Wallet Team. Thanks