Can I make a new coin

Just wondering can I build a new coin on etherium platform with the help of a team??


If you have good project then you can do


It’s very possible if you know how and also the capacity to maintain


Cresting own token requires about 30 min. There are tutorials how to create erc20 token. Just google it :slight_smile:

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Yes but you need to have it’s charism and also money for publicity, if not, zero

Adoption is the matter



Understand Solidity code for a Token

A token can be created as a smart contract in Ethereum. The complete source code of the contract can be found in
ethereum(org) /token location.
To create a new token we just need to change the name of the token in the code.
Creating your own Cryptocurrency is not a complex activity. It is simple and fun. Why not try yourself ?
Deploy Token in Main network
Deploying the contract is same as deploying it in Rinkeby test network. The only differences are :

  • We need real Ether in our wallet. The cost of deploying contract is around 2 to 3 dollars.

  • Main network should be selected in MetaMask
    Verification should be done by sending an email to etherscan

Disclaimer : the post i shared up here isnt an advice to invest in creation of tokens, but a simple explanation of how they are created. Take your time and do a thorough research.


Thanks for this valuable information but don’t we need teams if we want to build a coin with fully fledged working system?

Yes. A fully fledged project will need teams to build the entire ecosystem.

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Yes if it’s a good project you can do… What is your purpose to make a coin?? What are the uses cases??

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Yes anyone can create new Coín in just 1hour, but this is not the Matter… The importance is the idea behind the proyect …

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It can be used for collecting funds for your project/business by ICO - initial coin offering. It doesn’t haven to be blockachain project, just normal company or startup. People having your coins are “investors”.