Can not connect Trust Wallet to Pancake Swap

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I keep pushing connect then push Wallet Connect, it diverts me to the trust wallet link to open, then I open it and it never connects. What should I do?


Is there someone knowledgeable who can answer me in the help desk? or where can we get help? Because it’s been 3 days since I tried to get by with this trust wallet and I have no response from support?

My trust wallet no longer wants to connect to anything. What do I do?
In addition, each time I send bnb to trust wallet, they are diverted to an unknown address. How do I transfer my tokens if I can’t get bnb for the fees? and if I don’t know how to connect to to revoke addresses?
Thank you for helping me because there is a real problem with the trust wallet. What is the solution ?

@willggo stick to one thread. Here: Confirming transactions - #9 by Alan47