Can not Swap, Convert or transfer USDT TRC20

Hi there,
I sent some USDT trc20 to my Trust Wallet.

but now I can not do anything!
Can not use for swap or exchange in DEX.
Can not convert to USDT erc20 or BUSD.
Can not transfer to any other wallet or exchange because of TRX for fee.
also I sent a little BNB to my trust wallet, but I can not buy TRX with BNB.

help me. I need my USDT.
my USDT trc20 address in trust wallet is TExKt2xtHK8pcpVcvTexBodoUMJemPQXqA
my BNB address in trust wallet is bnb1f4crma5r2wx92q5l9unj7gtylp5c0d0jaq0cda



Hello the swap doesn’t work because the USDT you have is on the TRC20 network. You can send to an exchange like Binance and then withdraw to your trust wallet as Bep2 or Bep20 USDT

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I Can NOT send to an exchange like Binance because I have no Tron TRX for transaction fee

To get TRX:

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