Can someone help me understand why 12 billion mrt wnt missing in a transfer

Transaction hash


If you scroll down to tokens transfered near the bottom you will see that 112,000,000,000 was sent to what looks like mrt’s contract address. Thais is around 100 dollars worth of token.

If someone can help me understand why transferring to metamasks wallet causes to loose this much money I would be great full.

Hello @webselector
Did you read on this Projects tokenomics, there may be rebate system where a huge percentage of your token is taken upon withdrawal or deposit.

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Hi Jenny

I did but thought it was 10%, looking at it it is 16%. You live and learn.

Thank you.

Hi Ajaan47

What assistance can you give me on the 16% transaction rate ?


Hi @webselector
Please note that was a scammer and he has been banned already.

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Hi Jenny

Yes I hought that, I never contacted him but thank you for the heads up.

Please I need help, $50k worth BTC wast transferred to my wallet from a bitcoin ATM it’s been over 48hours but still haven’t received in my wallet what could be the issue?