Can’t swap or send Ethereum

Hi so I tried to swap Eth to Weth on 1 inch to swap it into another coin however it just kept saying pending all night I then pressed clear pending and the money wasn’t moved from my eth account but in my history it says it’s completed but it’s not. Now the problem is whenever I try to move the eth either swap it or send it to another Wallet it keeps saying the same thing. Can someone help me please

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Hello @Hh1997
Please reimport your wallet and try again.

Thanks for your reply I’ve done all of that but it still doesn’t let me swap or send the eth it says transaction would cause overdraft even though it won’t and when I try to send a lower amount it’ll say replacement transaction underpriced

@Hh1997 Please confirm you have the recent app update.
A reimport after updating your app should work.

It keeps saying transaction will cause overdraft it’s like the money is showing in the account but I cannot do anything with it

I confirm I have the recent app and have reinstalled it, it’s still not letting me swap or send

@Hh1997 Please provide a screenshot of the error received.

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It seems to be working now, the coin is showing in my wallet thank you for your help

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