Can’t transfer BCH to trbinance wallet

I have 0.000413 BTC in my account. I want to send this to binance tr (trbinance) wallet. But it gives the following error. What should I do.? Thanks

unable to transfer due to dust UTXO error


Hi @yakutlu,

Please read:

Hello , So what should I do now. How will I solve this problem? Thanks

xpub of Bitcoin Cash : zpub6qWpCrtCmP9TwxV6zQUwzbCLmNePiz9nNnsW5vEdipy8XeQDxyxxnQsLuM3KZy4TtoSSMbzTZVY9n9ogmrL9qdMvJtGmhuXicQFTzCbF4FY

How much BTC are you trying to send?

The fees are a bit high right now, so you might not be able to send your BTCs out, hence the dust error. Reference: