Can’t transfer USDT TRC20 w/o TRON...

The ultimate goal is to buy SafeMoon, and when I initially transferred my USDT balance to Trust I accidentally transferred as TRC20, not ERC20… well, we can’t use TRC20 on Trust as its seems many people now know…

Now, to send TRC20 from my wallet #1 I need a small amount of Tron for the network fee. I’ve tried for literally 5 days to figure this thing out, how to get Tron to my wallet #1 in order to send out the TRC20 externally, exchange it for something compatible with Trust, then send it back to my Trust wallet #1.

In this specific wallet my Tron and USDT TRC20 addresses are the exact same. So when I transfer a small amount of Tron to be able to pay that network fee it just keeps accruing in the TRC20 wallet…

Tron address wallet #1 : TBKmPjkgtpcxmz9Ma9KRFP9muT39gUCEyJ

USDT TRC20 wallet #1 : TBKmPjkgtpcxmz9Ma9KRFP9muT39gUCEyJ

I also tried opening an brand new wallet (wallet #2) hoping that I could somehow use both wallets for a transaction (sending it from wallet #1 with the fee included from wallet #2). I was actually able to get some Tron deposited in my wallet #2 without it being deposited as USDT TRC20, BUT I can’t use that Tron in wallet #2 for sending my USDT TRC20 out of wallet #1

I am losing my F’ing mind right now. I am not exaggerating when I say I’ve been trying for about a week to figure this out. I’ve contacted Trust Wallet on Twitter and that was no help… HOW DO I DO THIS???

All I need is like 8 Tron (TRX) deposited into my Tron wallet #1, or if there was some way to get my Trust wallet #2 Tron (TRX) balance, which is about 141 TRX (~$15), transferred to my Trust wallet #1 it would be done, over, complete, finalized… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!


Hi @SpokanefarrellTRC20 tokens you want to transfer and TRON that can be used as transaction fees should be in the same wallet. read more about transaction fees here: Cryptocurrency Network Fees