Can trusted wallet have his own exchange

Trusted wallet having his own exchange market apart from binance will be a good idea? :grinning:

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Isn’t Binance the owner of trust wallet? Do they need an exchange again? I don’t think that is necessary. My opinion though.


I Mean can’t they say independent on their own

Trust is built in Binance.


Yes trust wallet is already on it and they are really doing great in it

Thanks for the enlightenment

Trust wallet is part of Binance. Would there be need for two exchanges in same platform?

That will be duplication, are you just saying this for the sake of saying something.
Since, Trustwallet was built on Binance, so what do you mean again

I mean For staking mostly

Binance CEX - TRUST Wallet - Binance DEX
They already have centralized and decentralize exchange. What kind of exchange do you want?