Can TWT be converted to Ethereum?

Is it possible to convert TWT to Ethereum?


No way and hope it will never. Its suits at BNB Blockchain


You can do by the exchanger


Dear Trusteer,
Every coin or token can be converted to another.
This can be done through the trading and exchange platforms.



You can do the conversion on exchange where TWT has been listed as at present.


It can be done in any exchange TWT is listed. Convert to USDT and buy ETH/USDT


yes it can be converted. But not directly. you can do via Hotbit site. they are ok


Officially you can’t but unofficially you can but beware of those exchanges where twt is listed unofficially. You can lost you funds.


For now no option to convert but you can trade TWT from Excganger to other crypto currency.


Yes but be aware of those exchanges listed unofficially… Convert them when it’s listed officially so you won’t lost your funds


I hope I will never get to a point where I’ll need to convert my TWT for something else


no friend, at the moment it is only possible to change them by in bnb, in the binance dex.

postscript: after changing it to bnb you can change it for any other currency


Thank you trust wallet

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Most of the replies are correct except for those that say its not possible. It is just do a web search for exchanges that trade TWT. MXC is the highest volume exchange that has TWT listed and they indeed have a pair for TWT/ETH. Last time I checked there were only 4 or 5 exchanges with TWT listed however so not a large pool to draw from. MXC and Hotbit are both reliable in my eyes and they both do pretty high volume to think your coins will be scammed there. I would be much more worried about trading for TWT than trading TWT itself for another crypto. There also are only a few pairs. I saw MXC had ETH, USDT, and I feel like there was one more maybe BTC but its been a little bit since I last checked. One or two of those excahnges only have one pair listed as well.

Quick question tho, what do you want to trade your TWT? There is almost no coin or token that has increased in value more in the last 30 days than TWT. It was over 2000% at one point. Eth has gone up a lot but right now it has only increased by around 85-90% in last 30 days. 90% vs. 2000% and TWT doesnt even have official listing or all of its use cases in place. It is only going to go up. Wont you feel like you made a bad decision if in 3 months it is listed at $10+ per token? I would, personlly. So for the few tokens you have now or even if you hold a lot I would highly suggest holding TWT. If you need the money do anything you can to find it elsewhere. There are many many people that regret their choices with BTC in its beginning, and that can be said about any top crypto. They all have increases tremendously but I see TWT potentially being the biggest success of the crypto year, by increase in price by percentage at least. Cheers and good luck


Can I just say I love that you said “postscript” not P.S. You made a pretty dang terrible day for me at least have a moment where I forgot how crappy today was. So thank you and keep up the goid work.

Postscript😉: I ask everyone this trivia question that stumps many people I was sure knew the answer but didnt. Some get post but not script. So anyone still reading when you write P.S. at the end of something you are writing the P.S. stands for PostScript. Save it for Jeopardy people!!!


Thanks for making my day :grin:


Yes, you can change it anywhere you want, the way is to do TWT trading.

However, if that is the case with swap you are referring to, chances are that it is not currently possible.

So, the only way you can try right now is to change it via exchanges and make trades.

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