Can you lose your Tron when uninstalling the Trust app?

I uninstalled and then re-installed the Trust app and all my Tron was missing. I never shared my recovery phrase or anything.

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Go to the top right hand corner of your wallet click on the toggle and search for tron trx and turn it on.

And be sure if it’s the right recovery phrase to the supposed wallet you recovered.


First confirm you imported the right wallet where you have your Tron then follow the instruction @InvestorAwesum has given or using this guide to add Tron How to install Trust Wallet and add your prefer coins

Replace the search with Tron

I saw the Tron Wallet in the recovery phrase section. I entered the 12 words and when it took me back to the Trust site all my Tron was at 0. From the 350.00 I put in, it grew to 443.00 and now it’s at zero.

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Can you open the Tron and let’s see if the receiving address is the same with what is in the Simplex Payment.

Try to get the address of the wallet and upload here for inspection

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Kindly submit details to help solve your problem as suggested by @Ugodspecial

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@Ugodspecial please I am similar challenge, I can’t find my tron after I reinstalled my Trustwallet and imported my wallet. But I noticed that my current tron address is different from the former even its same wallet. Please how can I get my tron back in my wallet.


@Eniolami, sorry to hear.
Please note that your Tron address can never change, you probably imported another wallet or created a new wallet.

We’ve had this issue severally here and in the end turns out they imported wrong wallet.

Confirm the wallet you imported and also share the address here let me have a look.