Cancel 3 pending transections

Someone told me that if you want to cancel your pending transection you need to re import your wallet using your seed so i did so. After re importing i saw that my pending transection has been canceled.

when i tried to make another transection of that coin which i canceled before. This message is showing. :cry:Please help me regarding this issue and tell me what is meant by that :cry:


Hello, I have 3 transactions that are pending for a long time now,
please tell how to cancel it


Contact trust wallet app support


maybe the balance is still locked with the kick token so it can’t be sent


if it has been sent, it cannot be canceled. however you can resend at current gas prices. so that your token can be sent


This is a scam token, pass it. Just disable this coin in wallet.

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Kick coin thưởng đã bị đóng băng. Bạn phải làm theo một số yêu cầu của sàn kickex để được giải phóng số coin đó. Đại loại là KYC, hold 1 ít coin của nó hoặc Trade trên sàn.

When your transactions are pending, they will automatically fail, however if you want to recall or change the transaction like you wanted to sent .1 ether and by mistake you sent 1 ether. If your 1 ether transaction is pending you can initiate another transaction on the same nonce with higher gwei (gas). As higher Gas will be picked up first you other transaction will not be validated as it will have same nonce as the previously validated one. Nonce are the transaction numbers from your wallet.


To cancel pending/stuck transactions, please follow this guide: Pending "Stuck" Transactions

Also, based from your screenshot, KICK tokens are locked by default. Please read and reach out to the token owner: 888,888 KickTokens Frozen Drop to each of 167,375 crypto users is coming | by Kick Ecosystem OFFICIAL | Medium