Cannot do anything with my busd erc20 token without ETH for gas fee


I am having same issue, I cannot do anything with my busd erc20 token. I cannot trade I cannot swap I cannot even send it without eth for gas fee. I am trying to buy eth with my TWT but again I cannot buy it. help me.


Hi @serdarayten,

You can buy native ETH using the app. Here’s a guide:

You can also withdraw from an exchange like Binance so you can have more native ETH on your wallet then pay for the network fees.

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So once you deposit an ERC20 token in the wallet, the only way to withdraw is by sending ETH but then you can’t swap or buy ETH on the app without also sending ETH.

This is really annoying. Could you not allow buying of enough ETH to cover the gas fees so that people don’t have to send additional ETH to the wallet.

This is a major flaw in this wallet.

Correct. You need Ethereum first so you can transact.

Trust Wallet is not the one who is deciding this rule. That is how things work in the Ethereum blockchain.

This is not a major flow. In fact, this is how non-custodial (decentralized) wallet works. You are interacting directly with the blockchain.


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