Cannot see my balance/amount of coins all I see is ****

Wallet was working fine for last few days, got a notification that I’d received staked Tron into my account… clicked the notification to look at my wallet and every asset including portfolios overall total all appear as this ****

How do i resolve this… I’m afraid to delete/reinstall the app in case I lose my coins.

Can you tell me firstly how to resolve this **** so I can check and see if all my coins are still there and secondly set my mind at rest that if i deleted the app off my phone and reinstalled I would still be able to recover my portfolio using the 12 passcode I received when creating wallet.


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Nevermind just deleted app and recovered with passcode.

But had a scare moment when it loaded up with half my assets missing… I had to manually go into the settings and select a few of my assets to show up which then readjusted the over balance.

Is there a setting to enable all assets with a balance ? this would be helpful in case someone had a ton of coins and couldn’t remember which assets they have… as they would then have to start searching every rare coin not on the list to see if they owned any of it?

Hi @Telemusik,

The next time you encounter this problem, you can follow this guide:

Nope. You have to manually enable it if it wasn’t automatically detected.


Thanks for the first part feel so silly but wasnt aware of this and panicked but yeah it’s a great feature now i’m aware of it.

And thats okay i guess you would just need to keep yourself aware of what coins are in your portfolio at all times.

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