Cannot select smart chain as token in pancakeswap

In the pancakeswap I cannot select my smartchain. It’s not in the list, and it says my bnb is 0,18, while my smartchain is 0,18. not my bnb…

Okay apparently I can’t upload screenshots so I can’t show it…

You see that when I open my trust wallet I have 0,18 smart chain, and a different amount of BNB.

When I go to DApps, and select PancakeSwap, it strangely enough says that I have 0,18 BNB.
And there is no smart chain, also not when slowly scrolling down the list of tokens, not when searching for “smart” or “bnb” or “chain” or “smart chain”, it’s just not there, it doesn’t exist. I know it should be there because a mate of mine and a video on youtube shows smart chain there.

Smartchain balance is also the same balance with your BNB
When you wanna swap on Pancakeswap, it will indicate BNB balance
If you observe, it’s the same balance

Click the more button at top on bnb…option there to swap to smart chain. Swap it then go-to pancake swap and buy with it

Hmm, strange… but thanks for the answer.
The problem I get at then, is that when I try to swap a bit of BNB for Safemoon (Yes I am aware safemoon is being investigated at the moment), it says
“Error, The transaction cannot succeed due to error: PancakeRouter: INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT. This is probably an issue with one of the tokens you are swapping”
I have 0,18 smart chain bnb. and 0,067075 “normal” BNB.
I try to convert 0,05 bnb to safemoon, then it gives this error