Cannot send money from btc wallet

Hello , i have the same issue , cannot send money from btc wallet , please help.
I sent all requirement




I would like to thank you for help on trx fees , you close the post before i can thank you.

May you help me with 7.1 trx

( because when i put any amount , the network fee remain the same , 7.1trx for network fee),

and then i will sent you back the trx event 20 trx . I am really stuck with those staff. i will sent you back promises.

Hi @Momosyde,

The available balance that you have is 0.00012504 BTC (~$5.87). The network is more likely to consider it as a “dust” since it is very low. You need to add more BTC to your wallet if you want to send it out. Or, wait for the network fees to go down (

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Ok thank you for help, really appreciated.
May you help for usdt?

USDT? What are you referring to?

I would like to make a transfert of 10usdt from wallet to binance but the network fees is 7.1trx, i have try to decrease it’s still remain at 7.1trx for network fees, may you help?

Please try to send it out :+1:

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Thank you bro , i will come back to you for sure.
God bless

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