Cannot swap my BNB to Smart Chain neither can withdraw to my Binance wallet

I have tried to swap BNB to Smart Chain, it disappeared from BNB and it wasn’t even showing on the Smart Chain balance… After 15 minutes it came back to BNB and I was still charged with the network fee of 2.50$. I’ve tried another time and exact the same thing has happened.

When I tried to send my BNB back to my Binance wallet it issued an error.

Can somebody tell me what’s going on?

this is what I get when I try to swap my BNB to SMARTCHAIN. It says to Confirm Transaction at the top but it has nowhere to click. I am also trying to upload the image here but it says I cannot embed an image in this post. ERR.

This is happening same with me
How can I complaint about this and where I’m not finding any help option
The Bnb dollars have come back but fees have been deducted and due to several trials I have lost 20 dollars only in fees. The balance is now back in bnb wallet but fee is lost

Send it back to binance then withdraw BNB straight into smart chain using bep20 :wink:

I’m also having issue with the swap button not even appearing. When clicking the “more” button, mine only shows “Trade ETH”. What do I need to change?

My to i have problems i cant move my tokens from twt chin and always give me like my many not enough for the network fee but i have 450$ and i cant move it