Cannot transfer USDT out of Trust Wallet into Binance.US

I tried sending 10 USDT from Trust Wallet, through Binance smart chain, initially, it looked like the send location is correct, then looked at the transaction on explorer, it said that the address sent is different than the one I wrote in initially. It looks like no USDT was removed from the wallet yet though. I tried this process for the second time, and the same thing happened again. After about 30 minutes, the USDT on Binance smart chain transactions detail that I made today regarding the transfers isn’t showing on the Trust Wallet’s history anymore. I also tried to send on my phone’s Trust Wallet app, but it’s stuck on “pending.” Additionally, I also noticed that I cannot enable USDT or any other Crypto on the limit page on Pancakeswap’s limit order page on my computer browser. There, it shows the error, “x is not a valid digit for number system with base 10.” Trying to enable didn’t work on the phone’s Trust Wallet app either. But the main problem, first priority that I want to be solved is trying to sending my funds back to Binance.US. I would really appreciate any help that I can get, please.


@Dash1355 Can you provide the transaction hash of the said transfer ?


First attempted transfer:

Second attempted transfer:

I tried posting a screenshot first, but got an error:
“an error occurred: Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”
So I hope this is fine.

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Oh, and the attempt to transfer from my phone’s Trust Wallet App went from “Pending” to “Failed.” And both times, when I tried clicking on the transaction, BscScan said, “Sorry, We are unable to locate this TxnHash.”

I also check my phone’s Trust Wallet app’s version, which said: "Version 10.8 (920).
Then checked the download location for the app, and it’s also Version 10.8, so it doesn’t look to be a app version problem.

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@Dash1355 Okay I’ll suggest you open a support ticket from your Trust wallet app.
To reduce response times from customer support, please include the following info in the ticket:

App version, device model, wallet address, TX hash (if available), and the blockchain + assets you’re experiencing the issue with, and any relevant screenshots or videos to duplicate the error.


Thanks for responding, I’m just a little confused about what I should put down for “device model.”
Is that just asking if the device used is on a phone or computer’s browser extension?

So for the Iphone, there are:
“Software Version,” “Model Name,” “Model Number,” and “Serial Number.”
Should any of those be included?

And for the computer/laptop, there are:
“OS Name,” “Version,” "OS Manufacturer, “System Manufacturer,” “System Model,” “System Type,” and “System SKU.”
Should any of those be included?


@Dash1355 No you can just input just your device name; the most important is to include screenshots and video recordings of the issue so the support team can replicate the error.


Hello, I know how to open from my Trust Wallet app now. So if you need a screenshot, then please tell me. I’m still having trouble sending my USDT, so can you please help?

App version on my Iphone Trust Wallet’s app:
Version 10.8 (920)

Sender address:
Deposit address:

TX Hash:

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Asset with problem:

I initially tried putting out my screenshots, about 7 Screenshots, and the account got marked as spam, so can you also tell me what I should be careful of so that it doesn’t happen again?

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@dash13551 I already suggested to you to open a support ticket, please do that.