Cannot unstake atm and ATL from pancake swap!

Need help with this because it’s not rocket science.
Stake cake> get rewarded in the form of cake or whatever TOKEN pool you join!! hooray,:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:!!!

I stake cake all the time but these two won’t unstake - asr fan token and atm fan token.
Any other coin will unstake after the staking has finished.

Could someone help me get my cake back??

Transaction fails every time

Hi @beachy,

Please contact the admins or dev team of Pancakeswap so they can assist you: Telegram: Contact @pancakeswap

P.S. Be careful of scammers/impersonators. Talk with a legitimate admin/dev team only. If possible, discuss in the public chat only and avoid private messages.

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Hi Beachy - did you have any luck? I’m encountering the same issue when I attempt to unstake cake from the BRY pool.

(@Beachy - forgot to @!)

Not yet tbh. Been busy

Telegram does my head in @BoboMcLaren

No assistance of any sort. 57 cake on asr and 57 atm won’t unstake lol @BoboMcLaren