Can't claim unstaked TRX after lock-up period

Hi! I’ve got a problem with staking. It gives we “Not avaliable” error when I try to claim already staked coins after lock up. ChatGPT based support didnt help at all. Troubleshoot Guide also didnt help.

TW version
Crypto wallet adress
Unstake transaction link


@Txip You don’t seem to have any staked or available TRX in your wallet

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Have been having a pending transaction for 4 days now please help me resolve it


@Destiny2001 You need to wait till the transaction is confirmed or cancelled back to your wallet.

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Same problem, can’t claim my unstaked tron for over a week now. What wrong, it urgent

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@Marveloaks Is there an error you get?
Please note you need to have available TRX for gas fees in your wallet in order to claim.

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When i try to claim it, it says not available.
How much gas fee would be needed to withdraw 1300 trx

Hello sir i can’t claim my tron from my unstaked trx, after 14 days of unstaking when i goes to clain my trx it says not available what to do?

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