Can't find my token

I can’t find my token. Where do you think?

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Hi @hlliboo,

Based on the screenshot, looks like you sent your TWT (BEP20) to Binance. Please check your wallet on Binance.

Doesn’t appear in my Binance account I don’t know what to do

For example, the transaction on the image has reached my account but my #TWT tokens have not been transferred to my account. How can I find these tokens?

Please send the transaction hash (copy and paste).


As stated earlier, you sent the TWT tokens back to the Binance Hot Wallet.

Please contact the customer support of Binance so they can assist you.

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So where are these tokens in my Binance wallet now?

It’s on Binance’s wallet already. Please contact them directly.

Does anyone have information on how to shoot from this address?

As stated earlier, you have to contact the customer support of Binance.

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