Cant see bnb in my wallet, transferred it from 2 exchanges, its showing transactions but balance is 0

As you can see i have transactions going on in my trust wallet but i got to niced that the outgoing transactions are happening automatically and i cant see the other left amount as my balance is 0

@Bazansafi What is your receiving address?
Your transaction history above shows you sent out.


This my receiving address. And my balance is still 0 after 3+ transactions

@Bazansafi Please go through your transactions and see for yourself

Thats what im saying brother, i received 0.005 bnb then the outgoing transactions are small the my incoming amount. I still haven’t any amount in my balance its only 0 why?

@Bazansafi Gas fees are charged for each transactions not by the app but the blockchain.

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Oky its okay but u r not getting me. How they can charge me 3-4$ oky. Im done

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@Bazansafi Please read this:

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