Can't See BNB Staked Balance/ Can't Unstake, "Not Available"

Hello all,

I staked some BNB a few weeks ago, but when I go into the wallet now it doesn’t show the staking status and my staked balance shows 0. And when I try to unstake, it says “not available”.

I have tried re-importing the wallet, and it didn’t solve the issue and just deleted the transaction history.

I have deleted the app and re-installed it and imported the wallet, and it still didn’t solve the issue.

I have created a support ticket 3-4 days ago and haven’t heard back.

Can any mods or experienced community members please help?

My address: bnb1na8xsmepyrfaywfl7gzx876yemwxz8f4pjttnc
Staking transaction: 468504EA43A19852610D78C1C99E9EC0E91EAF41704FBDFDC40F03832C030930
App version: 6.18(540)

Wrote this thread a few days back but seems it just got buried so made it again. Looking forward to hearing back from the community ASAP as this is urgent.

Thank you!

Hello @fantasybb77, sorry for the inconveniences caused.
This is still being looked into by our Devs and i will get back to you as soon as i can when there is a fix.

@JennyMillan ok thank you. I’ll wait for your reply. in the meantime, is there any way to unstake this BNB? Perhaps any manual workaround to unstake it directly?

@fantasybb77 Unfortunately there isn’t a manual workaround it.

@JennyMillan ok I understand. Any idea how long it will take to hear back from the devs?

@fantasybb77 I can’t place a timeframe on it but i’ll surely be in contact here.