Can't send ADA, SNX, and THETA back to Binance.

I’m new to Trust Wallet. I sent three different coins to Trust Wallet from Binance, and it worked fine. Now I want to send the coins back to Binance, but each shows a different message/error, so I can’t send them back to Binance. They are:

THETA: “Insufficient TFUEL for fees.”
SNX: “insufficient ETH for fees.”
ADA Cardano: " BNB Address invalid."

I don’t understand, it was so easy to send them to Trust Wallet, now I can’t send them back to Binance. Could I get some simple explanation of how to fix this (please keep the tech language simple, I’m a non-tech guy). Thank you!

Good morning, Danineal.
Seems like you dont have enough gas in your wallet to transfer the tokens/coins.

  1. You need TFuel for sending Theta. There´s a TFuel-faucet on the Theta-webwallet,
    when you created a new wallet: Theta Wallet

  2. You need a small amount of ETH to send your SNX.

  3. Check your ADA (BEP2, BEP20) on TrustWallet and send it through the right network to binance. Your binance deposit ADA-address can handle: Cardano, BEP2, BEP20 (BSC)

Good luck and cheers =)


Good Morning Mista. So, if I buy some TFuel and some ETH on Binance, then I transfer to TrustWallet, that would do, correct?

Yes, correct. That should and will work =)

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Thank you! Have a great 2021!

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Thanks, Same for you! =)
Feel free to send me your TFuel/Theta address and i´ll send you enough TFuel to do a tx.
Cheers =)


Cheers for the assistance @Mista_L33! Closing this topic now to prevent thread hijackers.

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