Cant send , trade or any for bep2 balance

Help me

I cant send , trade or swap all of my bep2 balance , like bnb , twt , rune

When i look my balance , i have some twt , and when i want trade on exchange ( ) my balance show 0 , all my bep2 balance

I cant send my balance to other wallet to

When i try send my balance bep2 , there i try send bnb bep2 to binance , and only look like this

My address bnb1xs4jnt7phxx2nu7cf5lrefx94acaemn78nr8hy

-Update your app to the latest version
-Reimport your wallet here
-Clear app cache
-Reboot your phone
-Try with other networks or VPN


Firstly go an update ur app to the latest version and then clear up ur app caches

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No fix yet. When i clear data and reimport pharse , my bep2 show 0

Same cases 🤦 how fix this problem

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Try new internet connection (WiFi <> 4g)
Or try with VPN


Try updating your app, then be sure the address you sending to is thesame network okay and check your network connection be sure you bnb balance on your bep2 bnb to pay for transaction.

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