Can't swap BNB for Smartchain

I swapped BNB for smartchain in my wallet tried yesterday and this morning. each time it says successful but no smartchain instead I get BNB back minus the fee. please help just want to do some trading.


same thing happened to me. frustrating. mine said error 525 SSL handshake failed.

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I just tried myself to swap BNB to smart chain and it went through except for the fact that nothing shows up now. It shows I have zero coins in both BNB and smart chain. Need help as well.


exactly the same too! Although I did do this earlier this morning and it worked. Went to do some more and same issue.

I have the same problem. I just try it four times. And all the time cost fee, but i cant give smart chain… what is this?!

Same, I think I’m at 4 or 5 attempts now and haven’t been able to swap. Each time I get my BNB back minus the fee. What am I doing wrong and is there a way to be refunded all these fees?

It just showed up but back to my BNB minus the fee as well. Any ideas as to what is going on?

Everyone is doing it right because it worked for me this morning just not now! Absolute nightmare! Hopefully they see the community posts

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Same with me. I didn’t recieved my bnb and smartchain. I also got charged for the fee

I swapped BNB for smartchain in my wallet each time it says successful but no smartchain, instead I get BNB back minus the fee. Please advice

Same here. Trying to change also and got the fees taking off me twice. I hope they give back the fees and sort this out quickly.

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Same. I tried it twice…got charged the fee twice.

Transaction says its successful, the BNB gets deducted but it doesn go to the Smart Chain and then after a while it goes back to BNB less the fees.

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I have exactly the same problem. Swap BNB for smart chain, tokens disappear. Tokens re-appear as BNB minus the fees… Rather unhappy and have missed out on good trading opportunity. Also, very unwilling to keep trying again…

Same here, tried for 4th time and just deducted fee and it goes back to bnb

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Ive managed to complete all my transactions now, everything went back into BNB

I got the same problem, and of course the fee is payed. I hope they refound the fee for all of us


to me the same, fee charged but transaction failed.Won’t back my fee🥴 grrrrrrrrr

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We need Trust Wallet to notify us when this issue has been resolved. We can’t keep losing transaction fees and getting nothing.


Had to do it on my cell. Couldn’t get it to go on my PC. Go to Support and pick new topic.

Yep. Seems like a known issue. Losing fees for no damn reason and not getting the smart chain for bnb at the same time. What a rip off! When will this be fixed and can we get some fee’s regunded?