Can't unfreeze Tron

Hi, I was using the ‘Staking Platform’ Dapp by Trust to stake Tron, and now it’s disappeared since the latest app update, and I can’t unfreeze some of my Tron any more.
I’ve been able to successfully stake some other Tron I had using the newer in-app method, but can’t unfreeze the Tron that was staked at the time of the app update.

Please advise.

My TRX wallet is:

My Trust Wallet version is:

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Thanks for the information.
I checked your address:

Since you have just done a stake a few hours ago, this will be locked for 3 days.
After 3 days you can do the Unstake command.

Thanks for the reply.

Ok, I’ll check back in 3 days and update the thread however it goes.

I was able to unfreeze and restake the Tron today.

Thanks for the advice.

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Great news. Have a nice day.

I also experienced the same thing.
it’s been 3 days my freze balance hasn’t returned.

Please advise and help.

My TRX wallet is:

The My Trust Wallet version is:

Checked the balance and it does not show that it is frozen.

If you are unable to do any transaction, please do a re-import first.

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Sorry to reopen this thread, but I had a new problem with unstaking Tron today, where the staking transaction was confirmed, but the Trust App still shows my Tron as being staked and frozen.

Instead of unstaking my Tron, the app is acting like I’ve deposited Tron to my wallet - i.e. my balance appears to have doubled.

The hash for the unstaking transaction is

Edit: I’m guessing you’re going to recommend the same process as you gave Irvandkyle so I’ll try a reimport first and come back.

Ok, so the reimport fixed that issue.

Thanks anyway…

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I froze TRON along time ago. I’m unable to get it back on my ledger. Log into web site and click on ledger and nothing, unable to connect?

To better assist, can you provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version
  2. TRX address
  3. Transaction ID (if you have any)
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I go to TRONSCAN, plug in Ledger, select open wallet, get a connection . that shows an address then get a message , no open wallet to view?

Are you saying Ledger? We do not support that.

Would you pls check mine also

I checked and the TRX on this address is already frozen.

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