Can't unstake kava coin

I can’t unstske KAVA after 21 days. What is reson?

Kava adress, which i used for delegation coin: kava1tzsn4jg0tn3xnps7kd87n7r2xc3ndaq6w996p5

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The issue is due to no available KAVA to pay for the fees.

But kava only delegation. I click «unstake» but kava delegation to stake

I checked the address and you have already undelegate successfully. Do you still have issues?

No, i havn’t issuse. I just update trust wallet and undelegate successfully. Thank for help.

Hi, I can’t unstake my Kava tokens and I can’t claim rewards… I don’t understand… I have 50 kava tokens and 0,2 rewards…
I have it in westaking ¿?

You need to have some available (unstaked) KAVA to pay for fees.
Sending you some so that you can start the unstaking process.

Ok, thanks for the info. Has been great help