Can't unstake my TRON after 3 days!

hello guys actually i unstaked my trons and after 3 days still my all funds are frozen !
can some one helps me to know what is the problem !?
my wallet address : TTqRXbR1UzjrVQH8mdvyo7NEQmDRsuK8Y8

@ashkan789 stake the frozen amount and unstake after 3 days then they’ll be available.

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thanks dude !
during the seconde staking i will get profit ?! or its profitless procedure and it’s just for unfreezing my funds ?

@ashkan789 rewards will be generated as normal TRX staking. Here’s a guide on how to stake: How to Stake TRON (TRX) on Trust Wallet

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that means im doing the staking again ? why my frozen funds did not unfreeze normaly after 3 days of unstaking ? sorry dude for asking to much questions…

@ashkan789 freezing TRX is different from staking, mostly is for energy, voting power etc… read TRX tokenomics. Frozen TRX doesn’t generate rewards. To unfreeze your tokens you need to stake them for 3 days and unstake.

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