Can't unstake

Hello. I have got a bug: I can not unstake my tron (trx). I staked 975 trx on March 12 (4391a41c25ab1206f52810d2f18be2d8feafc9a30131758d6b842c0fda30ffb5) , but I have not received tron after staking for 7 days. Moreover, I can not unstake it. Approximatelly 2 months ago I staked 1 trx token, and, because of bug, I received 1 extra trx token. I could not withraw it to another address, but I could see that I have 2 tokens, but in real I had only 1. I thought it was a visual bug and I can live with it. It has gone when I received 975 trx, but than I staked tron, and you know what has happened… What should I do?

When I tap unstake, it writes “not available”

Based on your TRX address:
Your balance is 975.781 TRX
(Available: 1.001 TRX Freeze: 974.78 TRX )

Try to stake the tokens again, you can follow this guide:

On Step 3, you need to manually input the entire balance (975.781 TRX) you are trying to stake.

Thank you! I’ve unstaked

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