Can't unstake

Hello. I have got a bug: I can not unstake my tron (trx). I staked 975 trx on March 12 (4391a41c25ab1206f52810d2f18be2d8feafc9a30131758d6b842c0fda30ffb5) , but I have not received tron after staking for 7 days. Moreover, I can not unstake it. Approximatelly 2 months ago I staked 1 trx token, and, because of bug, I received 1 extra trx token. I could not withraw it to another address, but I could see that I have 2 tokens, but in real I had only 1. I thought it was a visual bug and I can live with it. It has gone when I received 975 trx, but than I staked tron, and you know what has happened… What should I do?

When I tap unstake, it writes “not available”

Based on your TRX address:
Your balance is 975.781 TRX
(Available: 1.001 TRX Freeze: 974.78 TRX )

Try to stake the tokens again, you can follow this guide:

On Step 3, you need to manually input the entire balance (975.781 TRX) you are trying to stake.

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Thank you! I’ve unstaked

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Hi, i have problem to unstake tezos. When i open unstake the amount dont compare and It s impossible to add manually. ! Screenshot_20200425-143218|281x500

No need to unstake Tezos, you can just send it anytime.

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I would like to unstake so I can choose to stake to a new Baker. It won’t let me enter an amount to unstake, not even the max. It also shows a subheading ‘Validator’ and under that it says Apr 6.08% Decommissioned. What’s happening here?
Baking shows that I am successfully staking to Tezosteam.

You can just directly stake to another baker. No need to unstake.
The amount will always be max. It is further explained on the guide:

Hi, I can’t unstake or claim rewards of my atom.
It tells me that the funds are insufficient.

You need to have some available ATOM on your address before you can submit transactions.
See here: