Can't withdraw USDT from ERC20 DEX

What could possibly keep me from withdrawing USDT from ERC20 decentralized blockchain exchange into my Trust Wallet Ethereum wallet? I tried withdrawing funds and got a message that said funds were temporarily frozen for 24 hours, that I had incurred a nominal 1% withdrawal fee, and to check after 12 hours. 30 hours later I got a “Fail” message on the withdrawal page. I made sure the receiver wallet was ERC20 and the DEX account was ERC20 (Ethereum). The same amount of funds are still in my blockchain account. I’ve tried again, but I keep getting a pop-up window that says “Please try again later”.

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@dajevans It seems you’re trying to withdraw to your Trust wallet and not from Trust wallet which means you need to contact that wallet support team regarding your failed withdrawal.

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Hi i’m having the same issue but mine is ERC20. When i 1st tried to withdrew my defi mining stake system prompted a message that it need to verify my identity according to their system requirement. By depositing “x” amt to my trust wallet n this “x” has to match with e amt tt i’m withdrawing. So i did another tfer 2days ago but no one respond to my tfer until tdy. Suddenly i saw e money automatically goes into e defi mining pool, now i hv more money in e defi mining pool i hv asked e binance ppl to help me check n confirm if i can now withdraw this money, thus far no one fm binance has responded.

@mariam130165 That website you mentioned is most likely a scam and you should stay away from it.
It’s advisable you create a new wallet also as your current one seems to be compromised.

Hi 10qvm fyr swift reply, u mentioned most likely…how can i be certain…coz i thought of gg to e police station to report scammed.

@mariam130165 Your money leaving your wallet without your authorization is enough reason to know it’s a scam.
We have an article you can read to help guide against these issues.

I nvr thought of tt… 10q fr highlighting. Can i trouble u with a screenshot on Defi mining pool which i invested, maybe u can share yr opinion if it’s legit or not?

@mariam130165 It’s a scam!